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Introduction: Pocono UStoreUm has a strong commitment to providing excellent service to all of our customers, including respecting their concerns about privacy. We understand that visitors to our website may have questions about whether and how this website collects and uses information. We have prepared this statement to inform you of the privacy principles that govern poconoustoreum.com. This statement contains numerous general and technical details about the steps we take to respect your privacy concerns.

Browsing: We have not configured this website to collect any personal information from your computer when browsing this site. This means that, unless you voluntarily and knowingly provide us with personal information, we will not know your name, your e-mail address, or any other information identifiable to you.

Internet Protocol (IP) Address: An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer every time you browse the Internet. When users request a page from our site, our web site hosting providers servers log the user's current IP address. We do not link IP addresses to any personal information about you.

Cookies: Our website at times may or may not use "cookie" technology. "Cookies" are strings of text that a website stores on a user's computer. Cookies enable a website to keep track of a user's preferences and activities relating to that website. Our website may create and use a temporary cookie throughout any registration processes. The temporary cookie expires at the end of the session. If you do not wish to receive these cookies, you may set your browser to reject the cookies (consult the instructions for your particular browser on how to do this), although doing so may affect your ability to perform certain actions on our website.

Information Needed to Execute the Transaction You Request: When we need to collect information from you, you are voluntarily supplying us with the information we need. For example, if you would like to make an information request, we will ask you for information such as name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address to process your request. We may use your e-mail address to send a confirmation and or answer to your request, if necessary we might use the other information to contact you through one of our channel partners, sales representatives or distributors or other business partners.

We may also ask you to fill out an online customer survey, to obtain your suggestions or comments about your use of Pocono UStoreUm's products and services, or for similar purposes. Providing this information is voluntary and it is used only for the purpose for which the information was collected and is not shared with other companies.

E-Mail Opt-In: If you elect, we will occasionally contact you via e-mail and provide information about products and offerings that may be of interest to you such as new product offerings and/or promotions. We may use a third-party e-mail service provider to send e-mails. This service provider is prohibited from using your e-mail address for any purpose other than to send a Pocono UStoreUm related e-mail.

Pocono UStoreUm Use of Information: We treat the information you provide to us as confidential information; it is, accordingly, subject to our company's security procedures and strict company policies regarding protection and use of confidential information. Because laws applicable to personal information vary by country, our business operations may put in place additional measures that vary depending on the applicable legal requirements. Information is generally processed and stored in the United States, in which data protection laws are not as comprehensive as in the other countries.

The personal information you provide to us when making an online request maybe made available to an applicable sales representatives or distributor in your area for completing your request. After fulfilling your request, the information you provide may be used by us for direct marketing of Pocono UStoreUm products or other business partner products. Pocono UStoreUm may use the services of a third party mail house for the sole purpose of mailing materials.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties: Pocono UStoreUm prohibits the sale or transfer of personal information to entities outside of Pocono UStoreUm for their use without your approval and giving you the opportunity to opt-out.

Links to Other Sites: If you choose to leave the Pocono UStoreUm site via links to other non-Pocono UStoreUm sites, Pocono UStoreUm is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of those sites, nor is Pocono UStoreUm responsible for the cookies those sites use.

Legal Issues: Pocono UStoreUm will disclose personal information without your permission when required by law or in good faith belief if such action is necessary or desirable to comply with the law, protect or defend the rights or property of Pocono UStoreUm, this site, or its users.

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